Saturday, September 13, 2008

One's relative search for the absolute continues---------every notion, every word has a relative meaning to every individual,everyone perceives life in a different light as per the colour of their respective glasses.This is an interactive blog,which still continues to search the absolute behind the relative, meaninglessness behind every meaning and emptiness behind everything substantialOne may comment after every post what one interprets of it or one may add something on parellel lines or proabably something totaly diversed and disconnected

when I was young there was a song, regularly sung
and now I do not remember that song ,
but I do remember,
that it was a song
and I was young.
At times one is disgusted,
At times one is constipated

At times one has an urge to urinate
And at times, to meditate

At times one is busy dressing,
and at times busy undresssing!

And at all the times life is busy , flowing endlessly ,
oblivious and yet inclusive of all the crap and the significant!

Friday, September 5, 2008

And yes I have transformed my deeds
I fast between the feasts
and I am a celibate after I have become a beast!
"As you sow, so shall you reap"
Not free, not to sow!
Not free, not to reap!
love and lust are words
and they start with letter 'l'
I have comprehended that god is uncomprehenedable
I know the truth lies in "here and now"
and i am seeking it now!
After years of meditation
I could "recognize" my inner self.
Now I knew,what they talked about!!!


confusingly transformed identity

A stranger becomes a bastard,
as soon as he steps on your feet!!
I love my country though
I am not very fond of my country men!
I guess I am sensitive &kind
as I wish betterment of the mankind
"I"believe in social welfare and
I am desperate to provide them care
Dust is blowing in the wind
or may be wind is blowing in the dust
which idea suits you,
which do you think is the best?